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Press release, 28 July 2000
Update on the Technical Investigation into the Concorde accident on 25 July 2000

The BEA has published a new interim report on the accident that occurred on 25 July 2000 to the Concorde registered F-BTSC.

This report summarises the work carried out in the technical investigation up to mid-July 2001, adding to and updating the preliminary report published on 31 August 2000 and the first interim report published on 15 December 2000. It is available in French on the BEA website. An English translation will also be published in the coming days.

Since the publication of the interim report in December 2000, the investigation has continued and most aspects of the accident have now been understood. The second interim report presents the results of the work undertaken, with the following main subject areas:

  • Work carried out on the wreckage, in particular on the partial reconstruction of the left wing destroyed by the fire. Due to the condition of the wreckage, this work did not bring to light any new and revealing evidence. It has been established that ignition of an air/fuel mixture in the left dry bay caused violent overpressure whilst the aircraft was flying over the end of the runway.
  • Study of Concorde's structural resistance to flames. This study reveals a rapid degradation, with the temperature reached in flight, of the mechanical characteristics of the alloy used for the majority of the aircraft's structure. This conclusion is confirmed by the presence of splashes of melted aluminium noted on parts found under the aircraft's path. Furthermore, some essential components directly exposed to the flame, such as the left inner elevon, of which a part was found on the runway extension, suffered severe damage.
  • An explanation of the non-retraction of the landing gear, due to the partial opening or non-opening of the left main landing gear door.
  • Identification and explanation of the majority of the aural warnings recorded during the flight.
  • Operation of the engines, established by their disassembly, laboratory examinations and readout of the recorded parameters. The engines performed in accordance with certified norms. The initial loss of thrust on engine 1 appears to be due to ingestion of soft bodies (tyre debris); its second loss of thrust, also during takeoff, was due to ingestion of aviation fuel and hot gases from the fire. When the engine had practically recovered normal thrust, a further ingestion, in flight, of hard objects and a mixture of hot gases and aviation fuel led to its final loss of thrust. The shut down of engine 2 resulted from application of the « Engine Fire » procedure by the crew, justified by the almost total loss of thrust and the activation of the « Engine Fire » warning.
  • The various stages in the preparation of flight AFR 4590. Recalculation of the data, taking into account the characteristics of the runway used and the repair to thrust reverser 2, confirms that the estimated takeoff weight was slightly below the authorised maximum takeoff weight. It should be noted that fuel consumption during taxiing was lower than estimated consumption: the aircraft therefore took off with slightly excess weight. However, the calculations presented in the preliminary report show that this does not change aircraft performance on takeoff.
  • Conclusions on the examination of the metallic strip found on the runway, samples taken and photographs taken in Houston. These examinations established a close relation between the metallic strip and the joint area on the cowl on engine 3 of the Continental Airlines DC-10. The piece missing from this cowl had been changed on two occasions, on the 11 June and the 9 July 2000. In addition, taxi tests with tyres identical to those installed on Concorde F-BTSC running over a metallic strip of the same shape as that found on the runway reproduced damage similar to that observed on tyre n°2.
  • Study on the absence of the left bogie spacer. The circumstances in which this spacer was omitted on re-assembly during maintenance operations have been established. An examination of the possible consequences of such an omission, observations made on the aircraft and its behaviour before its passage over the metallic strip showed that the absence of the spacer definitely did not contribute to the accident.
  • Policy for prevention of risks associated with debris on runways and taxiways at various airports.

The investigation is coming to an end. Work on identifying the causes of ignition of the fuel is complete and the results are currently being analysed. Work to describe in detail the rupture mechanism for tank n°5 is proceeding intensively. The recent firing tests have not managed to reproduce the phenomenon. The BEA hopes to be able to publish its final report in the coming months, after consultation with the Commission of Inquiry and, in accordance with international agreements, with the foreign organisations concerned.




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