Accident occured on 22 December 1996 in Usclades-et-Rieutord (07) to the Piper PA 28 registered  F-GSVA



Event: Forced landing.
Cause established: Failure to take into account des meteorological conditions.


Consequences and damage: Propeller twisted, nose gear damaged.
Type of aircraft: Piper PA 28 - 181 "Archer 3".
Date and time: Sunday 22 December 1996 at 16h00.
Operator: Club.
Place: Usclades-et-Rieutord (07) .

Type of flight: Navigation.
Persons on board: Pilot.
Qualifications and experience: Pilot  aged 39, TT issued 1996, 80 flying hours.
Meteorological conditions: Estimated at the site: visibility from 3 to 5 km, BKN at 1000 feet, peaks of high ground clouded in,  light intermittent rain , situation worsening. Observation at 16 h 00 at Le AD Puy: wind 180 / 08 to 14 kt, gusts to 36 kt, visibility over 10 km, BKN at 2,500 feet.


The pilot took off to navigate Valence - Le Puy - Aubenas - Valence having obtained the meteorological conditions by minitel and prepared his navigation.

On arrival at Le Puy, he was surprised by the turbulence. He made a touch-and-go landing and set off as planned towards Aubenas. On the way, the meteorological conditions worsened. The pilot descended and turned towards the east to try to find the Rhone. The situation became critical and he landed in a field.