Accident occurred on 6 July 1997 at Sancey-Le-Grand (25) to the Socata Gardan GY 80 F-BRDR
report f-dr970706a


Event: Collision with high ground without loss of control.
Cause established: Loss of visual references.


Consequences and damage: Pilot killed, aircraft destroyed.
Type of aircraft: Socata Gardan GY 80.
Date and time: Sunday 6 July 1997 at 11 h 30.
Operator: Private.

Sancey-le-Grand (25), altitude 680 m.

Type of flight: Trip.
Persons on board: Pilot.
Qualifications and experience: Pilotá aged 75, TT issued in 1957, 2,684 flying hours of which 2 h 10 in the previous three months.
Meteorological conditions: Besanšon  meteorological station  (altitude around 400 m), located around 20 NM west of the accident site: wind 330░ / 04 at 06 kt, visibility 3,000 m, mist, 4 octas of stratus at 200 m, 8 octas of stratocumulus at 800 m . At the accident site: fog.


In VFR conditions, around 30 minutes after takeoff from Mulhouse bound for Fayence, the pilot was navigating in the Jura region. The aircraft struck some treetops, then crashed violently.

According to the examination of the propeller hub at the site, the engine was operating under power.

Although they were not able to observe the aircraft because of the fog and the stratus, several people heard the aircraft flying at a low level in the area of the accident on various routes or turning around several times.