Accident occurred to the glider registred D-9249 in Artiges (86)
report d-49990801a


Failed emergency landing.

Probable cause:

Inappropriate pitch movements.

Consequences and damage:

Pilot severely injured, glider destroyed.

Type of aircraft:

Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 2 A single-seat glider.

Date and time:

Sunday 1st August 1999 at 16 h 30.




Artiges (86).

Type of flight:


Persons on board:


Licenses and experience:

Pilot, 49, VV issued by Germany in 1991, 250 flying hours of which 40 min on type, recent experience unknown.

Meteorological conditions:

Estimated at the site: wind 180 to 210/03 to 5 kt, visibility over 10 km, scattered Cu towards 1300 m, temperature 27 C, QNH 1013 hPa.


During initial climb after takeoff from runway 23 at Chauvigny AD, the glider was subject to greater and greater vertical oscillations. Faced with this situation, the pilot released the tow cable at about 40 m height, stabilised his aircraft and tried to land in a field of maize after having crossed the Vienne.

The aircraft probably stalled on approaching the ground which it struck violently with the cockpit before rolling over forward and came to a rest.

This was the pilot's second flight on this aircraft, the first having taken place on the morning of the accident. It seems that he wished to acquire the aircraft with a partner.

The glider was equipped with a towing and winching hook situated under the fuselage and a monobloc stabiliser.

The pilot's lack of experience on the aircraft and the two design features mentioned above made this event more likely to occur.