Accident happened to the glader registred OO-LIT in Chateau-Arnoux-St Auban AD (04)



Failed takeoff during tow.

Probable cause:

Difficulty in controlling pitch while maneuvring flaps.

Consequences and damage:

Glider severely damaged.

Type of aircraft:

Schempp-Hirth Ventus B, single-seat glider.

Date and time:

Saturday 12 June 1999 at 17 h 45.




Château-Arnoux-St Auban AD (04).

Type of flight:


Persons on board:


Licenses and experience:

Pilot 68, VV issued by Belgium in 1951, around 3138 flying hours of which 11 h 20 on type in the previous month.

Meteorological conditions:

Light wind, CAVOK.


After 200 m takeoff roll the aircraft adopted a sharp nose up attitude. The pilot released the tow cable. The glider tilted over to the left and the left wing touched the ground. The aircraft pivoted around that point and crashed into the ground.

The pilot stated that during the roll he felt so shaken up by the bumpy surface that he extended flaps a little to take off more quickly. The glider took off with a steep nose up attitude which the pilot could not control.