Accident involving the glider registered D-KIVP
in Fayence (83) on 20 june 2001



Event :

Take-off with airbrakes extended, missed field landing.

Probable cause :

Inadequate checks before take-off.


Consequences and damage :

Aircraft severely damaged.

Type of aircraft :

Schempp Hirth "Ventus" CM motorised glider.

Date and time :

Wednesday 20 June 2001 at 11 h 50.

Owner :


Place :

Fayence (83).

Type of flight :


Persons on board :


Licenses and experience :

Pilot, aged 77, VV issued in Germany, 4,049 flying hours of which 13 in the previous 30 days and 13 on type in the previous 3 months.

Meteorological conditions :

Estimated at the accident site: Wind 220/8 to 15 kt, visibility over 10 km, FEW at 3,000 feet, temperature 26 C.


The pilot took off at 11 h 45 from runway 10 at Fayence aerodrome. The pilot positioned the flaps at "- 1" during the take-off roll, then "+1" during initial climb. The motorised glider climbed to about 30 feet then lost height progressively. The pilot veered 180 to the right in order to return to the aerodrome. The motorised glider continued to lose height and the pilot was obliged to land in vines located on the runway 10 extended centreline at 120.

Witnesses saw the airbrakes extend progressively during the take- off when the glider was losing height, without noting any change in the engine rpm. Radio messages were sent in order to inform the pilot of the extension of the airbrakes, without any reaction from him. He stated that he had not heard any radio message. The noisy environment during take- off in this type of motorised glider may alter perception of radio messages.

D-KIVP on 20 june 2001