Accident involving the motorised glider registered PH-1182
in Seyne (04) on 13 may 2002



Event :

Spin, collision with the ground.

Probable causes :

Inadequate control of flight parametres.

Desire to continue with the flight.


Consequences and damage :

Pilot killed, aircraft destroyed.

Type of aircraft :

Schempp Hirth “Ventus” CT motorised glider.

Date and time :

Monday 13 May 2002 at 13 h 50.

Owner :


Place :

Seyne (04), " Ville Vieille " quarter.

Type of flight :


Persons on board :


Licenses and experience :

Pilot, aged 49, VV issued by Holland in 1978, ITV, 1,150 flying hours of which 75 on type and 20 minutes in the previous thirty days.

Meteorological conditions :

Evaluated at the accident site: wind 200°/10 kt, CAVOK, temperature 21 °C, QNH 1017 hPa.


The pilot took off with the winch at Seyne aerodrome for a local flight. After release, the pilot headed towards high ground located to the north-west of the field. After five minutes flying, witnesses on the ground saw the motorised glider turn to the right facing the high ground at a height of about fifty metres, go into a spin to the right and crash about a kilometre north-west of the aerodrome.

Readout of the data recorded on the on-board GPS indicated that the pilot initially set off in a north-west direction then, finding little updraft, turned round towards the Ville-Vieille hill. He then crossed an area of updrafts, went to the south-east, then turned round again towards the north-west. It was in this area of updrafts that the pilot lost control of the glider. A short time before the accident, the pilot was close to the aerodrome. It seems, however, that he preferred to fly away to find the place where he had found updrafts.

The pilot had not flown in the Alps since 2000. He had performed a check flight with an instructor two days before the accident. He had arrived in the area on 9 May and according to his group he was not exhibiting any particular signs of fatigue.

PH-1182 on 13 may 2002