Incidents in Air Transport

In January 2004, the BEA published the first edition of Incidents in Air Transport in French. After 2005, the reviews were also translated into English. This thematic review illustrates the risks and causes of incidents that occurred in France or involved French operators. In August 2011, the BEA decided to suspend this publication in favour of systematically making available investigation reports on incidents on its website. The following thematic issues can be consulted here in English.

N° 13: Losses of Separation in Terminal Areas

N° 12: Flight Crew Incapacity

N° 11: Wildlife Threats

N° 10: Aerodrome Circulation

N° 9: Hydraulic Failures

N° 8: Runway Incursions

N° 7: Operating in Winter Conditions

N° 6: Runway Overruns on Landing

N° 5: Wind Gradients and Turbulence

N° 4: Tailstrikes on Takeoff and Landing

N° 3: TCAS Events  



Special Edition: Aircraft Icing