Accident to a Socata TB200 registered SX-BSM on 06/17/2016 at Megara [Investigation led by AAIASB / Greece]


Preliminary data based on the notification from the Greek authorities:

During approach for landing and at about 2 nm west of LGMR the pilot observed that the engine did not respond to his commands. He tried to increase the power moving the intake power lever forward but the engine’s r.p.m dropped and some unusual noises came out of the engine. At the same time the a/c speed decressed. The pilot decided to perform an emergency ditching. After ditching the a/c sank at about 30m from the coastline and about 0.5 nm from the threshold of the RWY 08R. The pilot and the passeger managed to evacuate the a/c safely. The depth of the sea in this spot is 3m.