Investigation led by NTSB - United States

Accident to the Airbus EC130 registered N259AM on 24/02/2021 at Tulsa, Okhlahoma

Preliminary data based on the notification from the United States authorities:

The pilot reported that a normal approach was made to a hover near the intersection of Taxiway A and Taxiway A4. The pilot intended to turn and join Taxiway A and hover taxi to the ramp area; however, during the turn the helicopter experienced a loss of tail rotor effectiveness when the tail traveled through the wind in a counter-clockwise direction. The pilot allowed the helicopter to continue in the counter-clockwise turn, at an increasing turn rate, until the nose of the helicopter had realigned with the prevailing wind. However, at that point, the pilot was unable to counteract the counter-clockwise rotation and the helicopter made at least 2 full revolutions before it struck the ground and spun off the taxiway into a grass easement southwest of the intersection of Taxiway A and Taxiway BB.