Investigation led by Ethiopia -EAIB

Accident to the Ayres S2R600 registered F-HLDD on 11/02/2021 at Goba

Synopsis from the final report of the Ethiopian authorities:

On February 11, 2021 Delta 2 Aerial work Thrush aircraft registered F-HLDD was scheduled to perform a Locust spraying mission in the Arsi zone under the support of the FAO2. The plane and the pilot had been put in place at Robe airport one day before the accident. They were previously based at Dire Dawa (HADR) and had arrived in Robe the day before the accident day. On February 11, 2021 two spraying missions were planned in the morning for this pilot. The pilot took off from Robe Airport at 03:38 UTC for the first objective which was 40NM from the airport on heading 3300. He accomplished his first mission and returned to the airport where he landed at 05:15 UTC. The second mission was planned to be performed at 45NM from Robe on heading 300°. After refuelling and loading the necessary chemical products, the pilot took off from Robe airport at 05:57. The signal3 from the aircraft was lost at 06: 20 UTC at coordinates: N 7°32’ 28.14” E 39° 25' 7.51”.