Accident to the Cessna - F177RG "cardinal" registered F-GCDS on 24/06/2020 at Cuers Pierrefeu AD

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

The following information is principally based on the pilot’s statement. This information has not been independently validated by the BEA.

This is a courtesy translation by the BEA of the Final Report on the Safety Investigation published in September 2020. As accurate as the translation may be, the original text in French is the work of reference.

1 - History of the flight

The pilot, accompanied by two passengers, took off from Cuers Pierrefeu aerodrome for a coastal transit flight between Saint-Tropez and the Calanques de Cassis.

Back at the departure aerodrome, during the landing, just after touchdown, the main landing gear retracted and the plane veered off the right-side of the runway.

2 - Additional information

2.1 Meteorological information

The weather conditions on Cuers aerodrome were as follows: calm wind from 320°, CAVOK.

2.2 Pilot information

On the day of the accident, the 68-year-old pilot held an aeroplane Private Pilot License PPL(A). He had logged 1,708 flight hours on type, including 13 hours in the previous three months.

The pilot reported that he flew the final approach at a speed of 70 kt. On touchdown, he maintained a nose-up input in accordance with the procedure. The nose of the aircraft then pitched up abnormally and the right side of the aircraft collapsed.

2.3 Examination of the aircraft

The aircraft maintenance engineer noted that a rod of the left landing gear locking system was broken.