Accident to the helicopter Airbus AS350 registered C-FWCR on 15/02/2018 near Tulita [Investigation led by TSB / Canada]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Canadian authorities:

C-FWCR, an Aerospatiale AS-350-B2 aircraft operated by Sahtu Helicopters was conducting a flight from a hilltop helipad approximately 3 nm WNW of Tulita, NT (CZFN). While on the mountaintop helipad, the pilot was conducting an engine ground run to bring the engine up to operating temperature. The engine was started and brought up to 70% gas generator speed (Ng) at which time C-FWCR began vibrating. The helicopter began to bounce and yaw to the left. The pilot raised the collective to lift the helicopter off the helipad, and was not able to maintain control. The helicopter contacted the ground and tumbled approximately 300 feet down the mountain. The pilot, who was the sole occupant, was seriously injured. The pilot was wearing the lap and shoulder harness, but was not wearing a helmet. The ELT did not activate.