Accident to the helicopter Airbus EC120 registered ZS-ROP on 17/07/2020 at Cape Town AD [Investigation led by CAA / South Africa]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the authorities of South Africa:


The helicopter with 4 onboard consisting of an instructor, a student pilot and two passengers who were compensating for the required maximum weight for the intended exercise training. The helicopter took-off from the operator’s helipad within FACT aerodrome for a steep decent approach with all max weight training. Take-off was uneventful and the helicopter first went to the aerodromes’ general flying area. Upon return the helicopter joined the right-hand circuit and was cleared for the intended steep descent approach. During the descent approach whilst the helicopter was at close proximity to the ground, the student pilot added power by raising the collective control with intension to recover the helicopter for a go-around. However, the student pilot delayed applying the right-hand side rudder pedal to compensate for the anti-torque that automatically causes the helicopter to yaw towards the right hand-side when power is increased. The helicopter began moving sideways on which the right landing gear skid rear part hooked the ground causing it to experience a dynamic roll over to the left.