Accident to the helicopter SE313 registered TU-HAI on 02/02/2018 at Motobe [Investigation led by BEA / Ivory Coast]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Ivorian authorities:

Vol d’épandage. L’hélicoptère a decollé d’Abidjan pour Motobe à 07h50. A 08h05 il appelle le CIV pour clôturer son vol, après avoir estimé MOTOBE à 08h06. II volait à 500ft.


Translation below provided for information only:


Spraying flight. The helicopter took off from Abidjan for Motobe at 07:50. At 08:05, the pilot called the FIC to close his flight after estimating Motobe at 08:06. He flew at 500 ft.