Accident to the microlight Air Creation Tanarg 912 identified YR-5132 on 28/05/2016 at Vadeni [Investigation led by AAIB / Romania]

Information from the report project of the investigation of Romania :

The aircraft entered the landing direction with a speed of almost 90 km/h and a glideslope at a smaller angle than the optimal one, due to which the pilot maintained the engine revving to maintain a constant flying speed. At one point the pilot has estimated that he had the optimum height and distance for landing and he reduced the engine rpm, which led to the aircraft rapid loss of height. The motorized hang-glider frontally hit the embankment of DJ 221 B, at a distance of approximately 100 m from the landing field threshold, and then it rolled over on the road surface, leading to the aircraft damage and serious injury of the pilot.