Accident to the MOONEY - M20J registered F-GNGG on 08/11/2013 at Cholet le Pontreau aerodrome (Maine-et-Loire)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

During a circuit flying training session from Cholet le Pontreau aerodrome, the instructor reported to the AFIS officer, while on a downwind leg, that he had no indication that the landing gear was locked. He decided to make a low pass in front of the control tower so that the officer could visually confirm the position of the landing gear. The AFIS officer announced that the landing gear was fully extended. The instructor decided to land. The nose gear collapsed on touchdown and the aircraft slid on the runway for about 150 m before coming to rest.

The nose gear collapsed during landing due to the sudden fracture of the threaded rod of the landing gear’s electro-mechanical actuator. Because the actuator rod was fractured, the landing gear could not be extended and locked by any means available to the pilot (control on the instrument panel and emergency control). The two main landing gear, unlike the nose gear, were able to lock down under gravity.