Accident to the Piper PA-28 registered F-ODSM on 19/06/2019 at Pointe-à-Pitre le Raizet airport (Guadeloupe)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

After lining up from taxiway Q, the pilot took off from runway 12 of Pointe-à-Pitre le Raizet airport with the flaps retracted. The aeroplane flew over the threshold of runway 30, situated around 850 m from Q, at an approximate height of 30 ft and a ground speed of around 70 kt. Shortly afterwards, the aeroplane reached a height of 100 ft and the pilot started a left-hand turn back. He advised over the radio that he was going to fly an appropriate circuit and that he had an engine failure. On completing the turn back, the aeroplane flew over a shopping centre carpark at a height of around 30 ft. It collided with a street light, a palm tree and then wasteland ground situated behind the carpark.

The take-off distance was more than twice the distance calculated using the flight manual data. In all probability, the engine was not providing all its power right from the take-off run. The pilot, familiar with the airport where the runway is not restrictive for this aeroplane, did not observe the degraded take-off performance.

When he carried out the rotation, he realised that the climb performance was not what was expected. Having some residual engine power, he decided to start an appropriate circuit to land on runway 12. The pilot tried to maintain his height for as long as possible in order not to land in an occupied zone. The aeroplane then struck obstacles and the ground.