Accident to the Robin DR400-120 registered F-GJZH on 17/12/2019 at Belfort - Chaux (Territoire de Belfort)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

At the end of a first runway circuitin dual-command training, the student pilot took off again for three supervised solo runway circuits with a full stop landing for each circuit. On the last landing, the aeroplane bounced. The student pilot estimated that he would not be able to stop the plane before the end of the runway and decided to abort the landing. He took off again with the flaps in the landing configuration and with the carburettor heat on, thereby degrading climb performance. The climb gradient was insufficient to enable the aeroplane to clear the obstacles in the vicinity of the aerodrome. The uncontrolled engine effects caused the aeroplane to enter a steep left turn.