Accident to class 3 B&F lightweight aircraft FK9 Mark 3 identified 59CBF on 22/10/2019 at Chavenay Villepreux AD (Yvelines)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

The student pilot and instructor were flying runway circuits.

During the first runway circuit, the descent was started at the beginning of the base leg with the flaps in position 1 and a speed of around 110 km/h.

During the second runway circuit, the descent was started on final, in a sideslip, with a steep slope (15%), the flaps in position 2 and a speed close to the stall speed, and thus with a high angle of attack. The association of the high angle of attack and the asymmetry put the microlight into an asymmetric stall situation. During this manoeuvre, at a height of less than 375 ft, the pilot lost control of the microlight which struck the ground.

The investigation was not able to determine if the manoeuvre was being flown by the student who was performing an exercise or by the instructor who was showing an exercise.