Plane Collision File Number BEA2017-0677 Accident, AD New York John F. Kennedy, on 26 November 2017, AIRBUS - A330, G-VRAY

Accident to the Airbus A330 registered G-VRAY and operated by Virgin Atlantic and the Boeing 777 registered SU-GDL and operated by Egypt Air on 26/11/2017 at New York [Investigation led by NTSB / United States]


Preliminary data based on the notification from the United States authorities:

On November 27, 2017, about 1945 EST, an Egypt Air B777, registration SU-GDL, operating as flight 986 (JFK to Cairo); and a Virgin Atlantic A330, registration G-VRAY, operating as flight 4C (JFK to LHR); had a ground collision at JFK. Preliminary indications are that the flight crew of Virgin Atlantic A330 while taxiing for takeoff on runway 4 at JFK, had received an ECAM message and had stopped in the holding area to diagnose the problem prior to takeoff. As the Egypt Air B777 taxied past, both airplane wings made contact.