Plane File Number BEA2019-0268 Accident, AD Tours, on 31 May 2019, CESSNA - 172, D-EFZF

Accident to the Cessna 172 registered D-EFZF occured on 31/05/19 at Tours Val de Loire (37)

Investigation progression Closed  
Progress: 100%


The flight was one of the legs of a three-aeroplane, cross-country flight over several days, between Germany and France. The pilot and the passenger, owner of the aeroplane, took off from Dijon bound for Tours.

On final to land on runway 20, the pilot configured the aeroplane with a flap 30° setting and indicated that he adopted a speed of around 70 kt, with engine idle. During the flare, the pilot carried out a go-around.

The statements show that the situation was confused in the cockpit and that they both thought that the other person had the controls, without either of them actually piloting the aeroplane. The situation was not clarified by the occupants. The go-around procedure was partially applied. Only an input on the power control was made. The path was not controlled, the effects of the engine were not managed and the flaps were not retracted.

Following the go-around, the engine effects linked to the increase in power had an immediate impact on the aeroplane. The latter started to veer left with a slight nose-up attitude. The aeroplane stalled and collided with the ground, close to a radome.


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