Plane File Number BEA2019-0520 Accident, AD Le Mans, on 31 August 2019, CIRRUS - SR20, F-GXYP

Accident to the Cirrus SR20 registered F-GXYP on 31/08/2019 at Le Mans

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Progress: 50%


Vol local AD Le Mans (72).

Le pilote s'annonce en finale pour un posé-décollé. Lors de l'atterrissage, l'aile droite heurte le sol, puis l'avion atterrit dur. A la suite d'une embardée à droite, l'avion entre en collision avec le sol.

The translation below is for information only:

Local flight at Le Mans AD.

The pilot announced that he was in final for a touch-and-go. During the landing, the right wing struck the ground and the aeroplane made a hard touchdown. After swerving to the right, the aeroplane collided with the ground.