Glider File Number BEA2019-0342 Accident, AD Laval Entrammes, on 25 June 2019, SCHEMPP HIRTH - JANUS, F-CFAL

Accident to the Schempp Hirth Janus registered F-CFAL on 25/06/2019 at Laval

Investigation progression In progress  
Progress: 50%


Vol local AD Laval (53).

Après le décollage, l'équipage remarque un manque d'ascendance et décide d'atterrir à contre QFU.

Le planeur subit une perte de portance et atterrit durement.

The translation below is for information only:

Local flight at Laval AD
After taking off, the crew observed that there was a lack of updrafts and decided to land counter QFU.
The glider lost its lift and made a hard landing.