Helicopter File Number BEA2018-0092 Accident, Santa Rita do Novo Destino, on 22 February 2018, AEROSPATIALE - AS350, PT-HYW

Accident to the helicopter Airbus AS350 registered PT-HYW and operated by DS Taxi Aero on 22/02/2018 at Santa Rita do Novo Destino [Investigation led by CENIPA / Brazil]


Preliminary data based on the notification from the Brazilian authorities:  

The aircraft took off from SBBR, with a pilot and two passengers on board, to the Mineraçao Serra Grande Heliport (SJMS), Crixa-GO, at about 01:30 p.m., in order to transport cargo and personnel. With about 30 minutes of flight, the emergency light of the hydraulic system lit on in the aircraft's panel and the horn sounded. The pilot noticed the hardening of the flight commands and decided to make an emergency landing in the pasture of a farm in the city of Santa Rita do Novo Destino. During the approach, the aircraft was controlled, but near the landing the pilot lost the controls, the blades of the main rotor touched the ground, then the aircraft touched the skis and finally stopped.