Helicopter File Number BEA2017-0670 Accident, Région de Orós, on 10 November 2017, AEROSPATIALE - AS350, PP-ENM

Accident to the helicopter AS350 registered PP-ENM on 10/11/2017 near Oros [Investigation led by CENIPA / Brazil]


Preliminary data based on the notification from the authorities of Brazil :


The aircraft took off from Nova Floresta-CE at 12:33 local time to take part into a police operation in the region, with five crewmembers on board. After 10 minutes of flying, during the accompaniment of a vehicle, the aircraft collided the main rotor blades against a low voltage power grid. Immediately, the crew decided to make a precautionary landing. The maneuver was successful. All occupants were unharmed. Upon landing, during inspection, it was verified substantial damage at the main rotor blades. There was damage to third parties.