Plane File Number BEA2019-0259 Serious incident, proche AD Bâle-Mulhouse, on 23 May 2019, BOMBARDIER - BD100 1A10, HB-JGQ

Serious incident to the Bombardier BD100 registered HB-JGQ operated by Premium Jet occured on 23/05/2019 near Basle

Investigation progression In progress  
Progress: 50%


HB-JGQ Flight from Zurich AD (Switzerland) to Bale Mulhouse AD.
INC Flight from Sarrebourg AD to Leutkirch AD (Germany).

While on radar vectors for an ILS approach in class D airspace (Bâle TMA), in descent from 5,000 ft to 4,000 ft, the crew of the business jet saw a glider at the same level at a short distance, on a converging path. The pilot flying disconnected the autopilot and carried out an evasive manoeuvre requiring him to bank up to 45 degrees and take a nose-down attitude. The crew estimated that the glider flew past the right side of the aeroplane at a distance of 30 m and they saw the glider pilot in the cockpit along with the glider's registration number (German registration).

(courtesy translation only)