Helicopter File Number BEA2020-0241 Accident, Sos, on 5 July 2020, OTHER (ULM CLASSE 4-AUTOGIRE - AIR COPTER SARL - DJP 2000), 31LI

Accident to the AirCopter DJP2000 identified 31LI on 05/07/2020 at Sos

Investigation progression In progress  
Progress: 50%


Vol Bretagne- d'Armagnac (32) - vers Sos (47).

Lors d'un vol de 8 autogires, le pilote perd le contrôle de l'autogire qui entre en collision avec le sol.

The translation below is for information only:           

Flight from Bretagne d'Armagnac to Sos

During a flight comprised of eight gyrocopters, the pilot lost control of his gyrocopter which collided with the ground.