Plane File Number BEA2016-0724 Serious incident, En croisière FL350, on 2 November 2016, AIRBUS - A320, VT-IFO

Serious Incident to the Airbus A320 registered VT-IFO and operated by Indigo, and to the Boeing 787 registered PH-BHG and operated by KLM, on 02/11/2016 en route [Investigation led by AAIB / India]


Preliminary data based on the notification from the Indian authorities :

Indigo aircraft operating on ATS route Q23 climbing to FL350, while crossing ATS route L333 near East of waypoint INTIL, came in close proximity with KLM81l Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, following route L333, at F350. The required standard lateral and vertical (radar) separation was reduced to 3.6 NM and 200 feet respectively. Vertical separation was re-established when Indigo descending passing FL342 for FL340 and KLM81l was climbing passing F353 for F360.