Plane File Number BEA2016-0326 Serious incident, AD Paris Le Bourget, on 5 June 2016, BOEING - 777, N777AS

Serious Incident to the Boeing 777-200ER registered N777AS on 05/06/2016 at Paris - Le Bourget

Investigation progression Closed  
Progress: 100%


The crew were cleared for a LOC A approach to runway 25. This approach is offset by 26°  with respect to the runway centreline.

During the turn to align with the runway centreline, the aeroplane overshot it. The PF first decided to continue the approach before deciding to abort it at a very low height. The right main landing gear touched the runway along with the tip of the right wing and the tip of the right horizontal tail.

The serious incident was due to the late aborting of a non-stabilized approach.

Following this serious incident, the airport operator set up a PAPI and is studying the setting up of a second one to assist with following the glideslope.


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