Serious incident to the ATR 42-600 registered V2-LIK on 14/10/2014 during landing at Martinique Aimé Cesaire airport

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

The crew of the ATR 42 registered V2-LIK were carrying out the passenger commercial air transport flight LIAT 370 from Saint-Lucia bound for Martinique Aimé Césaire airport. The aeroplane took off around 2 hours 50 minutes behind the scheduled time. A few minutes later, the crew were cleared for a visual approach to runway 10 where the first 1,500 m were not available due to work in progress.
The aeroplane landed 940 m from the runway 10 threshold, i.e. 560 m from the temporary displaced threshold, in the work zone; during the landing run, it struck a temporary boundary light.
The investigation found that insufficient flight preparation, added to the crew’s feeling of being under substantial time pressure, contributed to them having partial situational awareness of the presence of work on runway 10, the position of the displaced threshold and the associated approach procedure. Neither the temporary markings and lights, nor the information provided by the ATC were sufficient to draw the crew’s attention to the position of the work and prevent landing on the closed part of the runway.