Serious incident to the ATR 72 registered OY-LHA operated by Danish Air Transport on 03/12/2016 en route [Investigation led by AIB / Denmark]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Danish authorities :


A few minutes after take-off from Bornholm/Roenne (EKRN) on RWY 29, the crew sensed smoke in the cockpit. The smoke intensity increased and the crew received a low oil pressure warning on engine #1 (left) in combination with a torque loss of 30%. The cockpit crew donned their oxygen masks and shut down the engine. The crew declared an emergency to ATC due to smoke in cockpit and cabin, and requested an immediate return. The ATCO cleared them for a direct landing and after another four minutes the aircraft landed on RWY 11, stopped on the RWY and evacuated all 14 pax and the crew without any injuries. There was no controllability problems or other technical issues with the aircraft. One cabin crew had put on her smoke hood, while the other cabin crew attempted to open the smoke hood bag without success. One pax had observed unusual noise, sparks and a flame from the engine when the smoke started.