Serious incident to the Bombardier CL600 registered F-GRZL operated by Hop! on 23/01/2020 at Lyon

Investigation progression In progress
Progress: 75%

Vol de transport commercial AD Lille (59) - AD Lyon Saint-Exupéry (69).

Lors de l'approche ILS cat III en piste 35R, réalisée en conditions LVP, l'avion dévie vers la gauche.

L'équipage interrompt l'approche. L'avion survole le seuil de la piste 35L et les installations de l'aérodrome.

The translation below is for information only:

Commercial air transport flight from Lille AD to Lyon Saint-Exupéry AD.

During the ILS cat III approach to runway 35R, carried out in LVP conditions, the aeroplane deviated to the left.
The crew flew a missed approach. The aeroplane flew over the threshold of runway 35L and the airport installations.