Accident de l'Airbus A320, immatriculé SU-GCC et exploité par Egyptair, survenu le 19/05/2016 au large des côtes égyptiennes [Enquête menée par AIB / Egypte] - information du 05/07/2016 23H00

Les autorités égyptiennes ont publié le 05/07/16 à 23H00 un nouveau point de situation:

Point de situation n° 22 publié par les autorités égyptiennes :

"Cairo, 5 July 2016

he technical investigation committee would like to assert that it is the only official source of all the releases about the A320 accident and is not responsible for any information released by other sources.

The committee has gathered information that need time to be analyzed and matched to reach some very basic conclusions.

During the coming period, the experts will verifying the information downloaded from the Flight Data Recorder and establish time correlation with the records downloaded from the Cabin Voice Recorder.

The committee urges media to be cautious while issuing press releases about the accident and to only rely on official reports issued by the committee itself."