Accident to the Airbus A320, registered SU-GCC and operated by Egyptair, on 05/19/2016 in cruise off the Egyptian coast [Investigation led by AIB / Egypt] - 06/14/16 11H45

The Egyptian authorities yesterday, May 13, published a progress report on the radar data received, the transmission time of the locator beacons as well as the participation of the NTSB in the investigation as representative of the State of Manufacture of the engines. They also stated that the sea searches are continuing as planned on board the Laplace and John Lethbridge ships.

Progress report n° 7 published by the Egyptian authorities:

"Cairo, 13th of June 2016            

Investigation Progress Report (7) by the Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee

The Egyptian air force investigation committee received radar images of the A320 route before its crash; which identified that the aircraft swerved and changed direction to the left then turned for a full circle. This comes in accordance with the British and Greek radar images; however investigation can not only count on such information.
Manufacturers of the Flight data recorders stated that signals will continue to come out of the so-called black boxes till the 24th of June 2016.
The investigation committee has approved the request of the National Transportation Safety Board to assign one of its approved representatives to join the investigation team as the United States of America is the engine manufacturer; in addition to an expert of the flight recorders manufacturing company.
It is worth mentioning that both vessels La Place; responsible for the search process and John Lethbridge; the vessel responsible for the search and retrievel of the wreckage are carrying out their mission at the wreckage designated area"

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