Accident to the Airbus A320, registered SU-GCC and operated by Egyptair, on 05/19/2016 in cruise off the Egyptian coast [Investigation led by AIB / Egypt] - 07/16/16 20H30

A new progress report (N° 25) was published by the Egyptian authorities on 16/07/2016 :

CAIRO - 16 July 2016

« The Technical Investigation Committee of the A320 accident had primarily studied FDR data as well as performing time correlation between FDR and CVR data.
The committee had also unloaded CVR and started listening to the cockpit voice recordings before the occurrence of the accident; where the existence of a "fire" was mentioned. Still it is too early to determine the reason or the place where that fire occurred.
Additional work on the CVR, the FDR and the recovered debris is continuing.
The Vessel John Lethbridge had reached the port of Alexandria today after the end of its mission, which had been extended for the second time, after making sure of the recovery of all human remains at the site of the accident. Required coordination with the Department of Forensic Medicine were made to receive the vessel in preparation for the transfer of the remains to Cairo to complete the DNA analysis and carrying out standard procedures followed in this regard. »

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