BEA Information - 11/10/2017

This is a courtesy translation by the BEA of this Information. As accurate as the translation may be, the original text in French is the work or reference.

Press Release n°4

It has been decided to remove the damaged engine in Goose Bay (Canada) in order to preserve its integrity for future investigations.

This operation will be carried out by teams from Air France and Airbus before sending the engine to Cardiff in a General Electric facility where the BEA teams will then go to continue their analyzes.

The conveying conditions of the aircraft to another site in Europe are being studied, so that it can be repaired and put back into commercial service by Air France.

It should be noted that, given the logistical complexity of these various operations, the forecasting schedule will last several weeks.

The search and recovery of detached components of the damaged engine is still ongoing in Greenland.