Organisation des opérations de recherches sous-marines - Deep Ocean Search (DOS) - information du 28 mai 9H00



Les autorités égyptiennes ont signé hier, 27 mai, un protocole d'entente avec la société internationale Deep Ocean Search (DOS) pour compléter le dispositif de recherches et de récupération des deux enregistreurs de vol.


Point de situation n° 3 publié par les autorités égyptiennes  :


"CAIRO - 27 May 2016

The Ministry of Civil Aviation signed a memorandum of understanding today with the international company Deep Ocean Search “DOS”to carry out the search and retrieval process of the two data recorders of the A320, downed last week in the Mediterranean. 

DOS is one of the best companies in this field; thatuses the most advanced technology in reading the signals of the two boxes in addition to its ability to conduct extensive sonar scan for the search area. 

It is worth mentioning that the French vessel used in the search process is equipped with Alseamar, which is considered as one of the best equipment used in this field.

On the other hand, the investigation committee has started studying the information received from theGreek air traffic control about the accident; more information of the records of the radar that had followed the path of the plane before the accident, is expected to be also received."


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