Les autorités égyptiennes ont publié le 23/06/16 à 23H00 un nouveau point de situation indiquant notamment que, compte tenu des dommages constatés sur les deux enregistreurs de vol, les opérations techniques actuellement en cours au Caire se poursuivront au BEA en France. Les deux enregistreurs de vol y seront apportés par les enquêteurs égyptiens la semaine prochaine. 

Point de situation n° 14 publié par les autorités égyptiennes :
"Cairo, 23 June 2016

Reference to the damage of the memory units of both the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) of the doomed A320; which led to incompatability of tests readings with the approved standards of the recorders manufacturer; The Investigation committee will escort the electronic boards of the data recorders to France next week to carry out repair and removal of salt accumulations at the French Investigation Bureau then back to Cairo to perform data analysis at the labs of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
John Lethbridge; the vessel contracted by the Egyptian Government; continues retriveing the plane wreckage and locating victims' remains; whereas French forensic doctors wil join their counter Egyptian doctors to supervise the retrieving of remains in accordance with standard procedures."