Accident de l'Airbus A320, immatriculé SU-GCC et exploité par Egyptair, survenu le 19/05/2016 au large des côtes égyptiennes [Enquête menée par AIB / Egypte] - information du 25/06/16 19H00

Les autorités égyptiennes ont publié le 25/06/16 à 17H00 un nouveau point de situation précisant notamment qu'un expert de la société Honeywell (fabricant des deux enregistreurs de vol) apportera son support technique aux analyses menées au sein du BEA la semaine prochaine.

Point de situation n° 15 publié par les autorités égyptiennes :

"Cairo, 25 June 2016

The Technical Investigation Committee of the A320 accident; denies the declarations mentioned on some websites; indicating its refusal of the proposal of the United States' committee members; to undergo the repair of the electronic boards of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) at the United States of America.
The Technical Investigation Committee urges the media to be careful in issuing the press releases about the accident and requests not taking any information that did not come from the official reports on this matter.
It should be noted that it has been approved by all the parties participating in the investigation, including the authorized United States Representative and his advisers on the decision to repair the electronic boards of the two recorders at the laboratories of the French Investigation Bureau, whereas coordination was made with the U.S. side; to have a professional expert from Honeywell, the recorders manufactures; at the French Investigation Bureau in Paris to provide technical support needed.
It is worth mentioning that the Technical Investigation Committee follows international measures of aircraft accident investigations and is not affected by criminal investigation or administrative or political pressures; as it concerned mainly with technical investigations in order to reach the evidences and technical information to enhance civil aviation safety standards.
John Lethbridge; the vessel contracted by the Egyptian Government; continues retrieving the plane wreckage and locating victims' remains; whereas Egyptian and French forensic doctors onboard of the vessel, supervise the retrieving of remains in accordance with standard procedures."