The studies carried out by the BEA are an extension of the investigations. They cover a large spectrum and make an effective tool, particularly for:

  • analyzing a type of given occurrence (« fuel starvation » or « mid-air collisions » for example) ;
  • analyzing an identified recurring factor in recent events (« get-home-itis » or « GPS events » for example) ;
  • drawing up an inventory and report on a specific point (the performance of FDR's or the follow up of recommendations for example) ;
  • conducting a critical analysis of the investigation methods used.

This work draws on data recorded at the end of the investigations (by the BEA or its foreign counterparts), on the skills of the BEA’s experts, on joint efforts with research bodies or industrial groups (manufacturers, airlines), etc. 

The results of these studies may, should the need arise, lead the BEA to issue safety recommendations.