Plane File Number BEA2019-0108 Serious incident, En croisière, on 7 March 2019, AIRBUS - A320, VT-WGT

Serious incident to the Airbus A320 registered VT-WGT and operated by Go on 07/03/2019 en route [Investigation led by AAIB / India]


Preliminary data based on the notification from the Indian authorities:

While cruising at 38000 feet ENG1 HEAT SYSTEM FAULT came ON followed by ENG1 OIL LOW PR warning. The Engine # 1 was shut down by the pilot. The pilot declared PAN PAN due one engine failure to ATC. The aircraft was diverted to Lucknow. The aircraft landed safely at Lucknow. After landing during inspection oil traces were observed on exhaust area nozzle, tail cone, drain mast & TR cowl area underneath drain mast.