Plane File Number BEA2019-0595 Accident, Halsou, on 30 September 2019, OTHER - PARAMOTOR/PARAPLANE, 64XY

Accident to the Adventure Smart 27L identified 64XY on 30/09/2019 at Halsou

Investigation progression In progress  
Progress: 50%


Vol local Halsou (64).

Lors du décollage, la voile du paramoteur accroche les arbres juste après l'envol. La voile reste accrochée au-dessus de la rivière. Le pilote toujours harnaché est immergé dans l'eau.

The translation below is for information only:

Local flight at Halsou.

During the take-off, the wing of the para-motor snagged in trees just after lift-off. The wing remained snagged overhanging the river. The pilot still in his harness was submerged in the water.