Plane File Number BEA2020-0026 Accident, AD Annecy Meythet, on 15 January 2020, AVIAT - A1, HB-KJC

Accident to the Husky A-1C registered HB-KJC on 15/01/2020 at Annecy

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Progress: 50%


Vol AD Sion (Suisse) - AD Annecy Meythet (74).

Lors du roulement à l'atterrissage, le pilote actionne le palonnier gauche pour contrer une légère embardée de l'avion sur la droite. L'avion effectue un cheval de bois sur la piste.

The translation below is for information only:

Flight from Sion AD (Switzerland) to Annecy Meythet AD.

During the landing run, the pilot made an input on the left pedal to counter a slight swerve to the right. The aeroplane performed a ground loop on the runway.