Accident du Boeing 737-800, immatriculé PK-LBS, et de l'ATR 42, immatriculé PK-TNJ, survenu le 04/04/2016 à Halim Perdanakusuma [Enquête menée par AIB / Indonésie]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités d'Indonésie :


The PK-LBS, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, conducted a scheduled flight from WIHH with intended destination WAAA. At 19:50 LT, the flight crew of PK-LBS instructed by ATC to taxi to runway 24 via Taxiway "C". Meanwhile, the pushback car driver of PK-TNJ requested clearance to ATC for towing ATR 42-600 aircraft from North Apron to South Apron. The ATC instructed towing via Taxiway "C", runway 24/06 and taxiway "G" to South Apron. The ATC instructed Batik Air PK-LBS to taxi first and ATR42-600 PK-TNJ behind Batik Air. While on the runway 24, the pushback car driver saw the Boeing 737-800 aircraft took-off roll. The pushback car driver tried to swerve the car direction to the right to runway shoulder. The Boeing 737-800 left wing tips collided with ATR 42-600 vertical stabiliser and left wing. Boeing 737-800 aborted take-off and stopped on runway 24 about 400 metres from collision point. The Boeing 737-800 suffered damage on left wing tip, while the ATR 42-600 suffered damage left outer wing and vertical stabilizer.