Heurt d'un patin avec le sol lors d'un entrainement au vol stationaire

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités d'Afrique du Sud :

The pilot was engaged in a training flight, to build hours towards her commercial pilot license. She was from the Kenya Police and part of a training group, undergoing helicopter pilot training in South Africa. She had accumulated 172 hours before she took off for the flight. According to her she was doing hover training in an open area. She indicated that she had completed a 360° turn to the right and was commencing with the same exercise to the left, approximately 90° through the turn the skid gear impacted with the ground, the helicopter continue to rotate to the left and tail rotor stinger and lower fenestron fin assembly impacted with the ground, which had caused the entire fenestron assembly to break off and helicopter impacted with the ground after several rotations in the air, 53 m further on. The wind at the time was from the southeast at between 10 to 15 knots, with clear sky conditions prevailing. The helicopter sustained extensive damage.