Incident de l'Airbus A320 immatriculé HA-LWT et exploité par Wizz Air survenu le 29/08/2017 près de Cluj-Napoca [Enquête menée par TSB / Hongrie]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de Hongrie :

After take-off at about 4000feet (AGL -above ground level) 3 consecutive (within 1 second) loud bangs were heard by the crew, and ECAM (A320 Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring display) caution was generated about “Eng. No.1 stall”. Crew also observed EGT (Exhaust gas temperature) over limits/increase. According applicable ECAM actions crew set thrust lever No.1 to idle. EGT was decreasing and settled at a normal value, therefore crew decided to keep engine No.1 running on idle power. Crew declared distress message “PAN” to ATC unit.Flight crew decided to divert to LHBP/BUD. During this time Engine No. 1 was running stable on idle power. About 7 minutes later ECAM caution advised EGT over limit on engine No.1. Crew shut down engine No.1. The in-flight engine shutdown was followed by an uneventful landing in LHBP/BUD.