Incident de l'hélicoptère AS355 immatriculé C-FELE et exploité par Blackcomb Helicopter survenu le 30/12/2016 à Squamish [Enquête menée par BST / Canada]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités du Canada :

C-FELE, an Aerospatiale AS 355N aircraft operated by Blackcomb Helicopters, had taken off from Squamish, BC (CYSE), close to sea level with an outside air temperature (OAT) above freezing, and climbed to about 4500 feet ASL.

During cruise flight with the OAT below freezing, the cyclic and collective flight controls became stuck; however, some cyclic movement to the right was possible. The pedals could be move but required force similar to a loss of hydraulic boost in the yaw controls.

The pilot was able to move down a bit to initiate a slow descent.

With the assistance of pedal input, the pilot was able to steer the helicopter back to CYSE. On final approach, the controls returned to normal operation and the helicopter landed without further control issues.