Incident grave de l'Airbus A320 immatriculé EC-HTD et exploité par Vueling survenu le 21/02/2017 à Malaga [Enquête menée par CIAIAC / Espagne]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités d'Espagne :

Aircraft took off from Malaga airport and during climb, at FL100 it received the following cabin warnings, almost simultaneously: "AIR ENG BLEED ABNORM PR" + "AIR PACK 1 FAULT". The crew decided continuing with the flight and limit the FL to 300. Shortly afterwards, at this FL, it had an "AIR PACK 2 FAULT". The crew declared MAYDAY and started an emergency landing until FL100 with deviation to Alicante airport (LEAL). The oxygen masks did not deploy and the aircraft landed uneventful at Alicante airport.