Incident grave de l'Airbus A321 immatriculé D-AIAC exploité par Condor le 30/06/2017 près de Bourgas [Enquête menée par AAIU / Bulgarie]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de la Bulgarie :

At 07:09 UTC on 30 June 2017, Airbus A321-211 with registration D-AIAC of CONDOR operator took off from of RWY 22 Burgas Airport performing flight DE1707 from LBBG to EDDP. During the initial climb, at altitude 1500 ft with speed 160 kt, the aircraft suffered a bird strike and the left engine lost significant power with high vibrations. The crew continued climbing to 4000 ft, declared emergency and decided to return and land back at LBBG. After performing the appropriate checklist, they were vectored for ILS approach to RWY 22 and landed safely.